Re: Important Update Re: No steering parts, rack & pinion, cables, from Amel

Bob Ross

Thank you All for this discussion. Bill as always thank you for your tireless support of the Amel owners community. As a new owner I do not want to think what it would be like without this Group and her members. And as Bill knows I have a lot of questions and clearly some are beginner questions.

We only know the age of our SM2K #362 (2002) but not her miles prior to us. Steering seems fine and we check, adjust, tighten and lubricate as suggested.

First question:
Regarding the new supply of steering cables and racks potentially coming available sometime in December. (great news)
Thinking of getting a complete spare of cables and racks.
Good idea? I'm not a fan of getting the spare when it fails, would rather have the spare secured aboard.  But then again you cannot have an entire spare SM2K on the boat. So some balance must be found. Is it: Critical? Likely to fail? Cost? Age? Heavy/light use? Harsh/gentle environment? Easy/difficult to get?

Second question:
To facilitate a smooth cooperative ordering process with Amel can anyone compile a list of part numbers and descriptions for the system so we can make a concise order with Amel? Apologies if I have missed this information in this thread or a previous thread. Could ask SAV but no doubt they are all pretty busy to be asked to look up all the part numbers, etc. Maybe someone that has ordered the system the past can share?

Kind Regards,
Nomad SM2K #362 Trinidad

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