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Volker Hasenauer <volker.hasenauer@...>

Hi Everybody,

we just registered a few days ago with the Amel Owners Group and thought its no a bad idea to introduce our self.  

Michaela & myself (Volker) just bought a Amel Santorin from 1990 (SN 027). The boat is currently in Borneo/Malaysia, however we will bring her back to Langkawi/Malaysia soon.

We are long term expats in Malaysia. Our previous boat, a Hans Christian 43, was sold a couple of years ago because work commitment was too high, however now time is "ours" and we plan to explore the Andaman Sea and in future most likely a "bit" further as well with our Amel.

We took the chance to rename the boat, she is now called "Aquamarine"

I started to read with much interest the mails from the group and enjoy the information shared.

Since our Amel is not quite new, I am sure we will have as well "this & that" to share or to ask the group about some advice.

Greetings from Malaysia

Volker & Michaela

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