Diesel leak

augusto.dominguez <agdominguezo@...>


As per your suggestion I read what Mauro had posted some time ago in reference to the fuel leak on his Euros. I subsequently sent him an email asking him if he was able to remove the fuel tank without cutting it up. (from your response I see he was unable to do so). As of now I still have not heard back from him.

I still hope to be able to remove the tank in one piece and presumably remove the bottom plate(where I am assuming the leak is sourced) and then weld on a new bottom plate with a stainless steel plate of slightly greater thickness.

I will post progress.



Kayola, Euros #247

P.D. Sorry to hear you've got the same problem, cutting into the fiber will debilitate the internal structural integrity which will need to be adequately corrected after solving the diesel leak, a task which is seemingly a tedious one!

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