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Most of these need to bypass the internal regulator, so if your alternator does not have an external connection (someones have), then you need to rework the alternator to have it. Talking to a experienced installer, the best seems to be ADVERC Mk.IVa (189 pounds), and also very robust as you can install it in the engine room. I have bad feedback (from same installer) about the Sterling Universal Advanced Digital Alternator Regulator AR12VD model (79 pounds) that works the same way because of overheating failures. There is a Sterling Pro Digital Advanced Regulator (125 punds) that incorporates a fan, but I would not put it in the engine room either.

However, Sterling has a unit AB1290 (219 pounds) that does not need to bypass the internal regulator and that looks very interesting (at least to me), because it also works as a battery bank charge splitter. It is easier to install and to remove. I need to decide.

Check here for more options and links to manufacturers, this a english shop that has good pricing.

Jose Luis

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Hallo Everyone,
Pls, your opinion abb. alternator smart charger Xantrex, Sterling ,Adverc,  Beter charging  or dameging
atteries?  Acc. Adverc opinion ,the ratio Altern.--Batter. is 1 to 3 ?
Thank you,
Pepe SM 223

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