Re: Lashing the helm on a Super Maramu


Yes it is a really nice piece of gear and allows you to clamp the helm firmly and quickly in any position and easily re-position anywhere except exactly over the 3 spokes.  In 15 years of use (8 by us) there is not a mark on the leather of the helm from its use and yes, we have used it in heaving to.  Not sure why Amel could not whip up some more units....seems like there could be lots of takers--and not just Super Maramus.

I became curious and checked my pdf records--on the invoice it is "Systeme blocage barre a roue" which translates to "steering wheel lock system".  In our rarefied sense of costs it was "0.2 BOAT Units" (BOAT=Break Out Another Thousand)
No problem at all from the fuel dock incident but I do think about it every time we dock or get fuel.

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