Maramu bonding question

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Hello Amelians

I’m going to attempt to redo my bilge bonding strap connection as part of this winters growing list
Thanks to this forum for excellent tips and tricks on this project so far.

In terms of the wider problem though. . .

On my boat I can’t really tell where/how the bonding cable used to run aft from the engine room to a rudder / anode connectio

so a few questions that would be amazing for this groups insight on:

What items are bonded ?
I assume: keel bolt and rudder are originally bonded. Would be grateful to hear if other items were also originally bonded. Through hulls for example ?

Also I’m a bit confused about the original cable run. Bonding vs. The Grounding plate for ssb

Be great to know how your bonding cables run from the engine room / keel bolt, aft to the rudder aft.

On the transom there is a copper strip /plate that runs down from the aft interior transom locker. I presume this is to do with the ssb ground not bonding ?

Many thanks in advance

Maramu 162

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