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Hello All,

yes, my boat having the shaft alternator and I am happy that I posted the question...otherwise I would have overlooked this matter that the folding prob may be counterproductive.

I am curious to read what reply to Arnold's email will come up.....

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On Sun, Nov 17, 2019 at 10:38 PM Arnold Mente via Groups.Io <> wrote:
sorry to attend with a question! I am Arnold with the SM 203. I bought the boat this year and I also have a shaft alternator in connection to my Autoprop. First I did´n check if it
is working ready. I also out of understanding how it should work with a Autoprop. On my panel is a warning not to use when engine running! Have only test if the shaft with Autoprop turns with engine off under sails and he do!
How is the correct operation of the shaft alternator?
Engine OFF
Gear reverse
Switch shaft alternator ON????

Can anybody give me the procedure?????

Thank you

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Am 17.11.2019 um 09:49 schrieb Ian Park via Groups.Io <>:

Doesn’t your Santorin have a propellor shaft alternator?
I don’t think you can use this with a folding prop.
I would not be without the electricity this gives me. My batteries are almost always 100% charged when sailing with all instruments and autopilot working.

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