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Matt Salatino

You can use Hydrogen Peroxide. It converts to water over a short time. 


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Dear Amel Group, hi Stefan


After having a wonderful season we are now cleaning and make WASABI ready for the winter. 

I have followed the tread about cleaning the water tank compartments last summer and I’m curious if you where successful opening all the 4 compartment access. 

Olivier is right there are 4 access points on the AMEL-54. From aft to bow: 1. Under the Galley door opening Fridge 2. Under the Galley floor 3. Under the Galley top load Freezer 4. Under the Salon Seat (2nd Freezer).

The 2 in the aft (Fridge and Galley floor) are easy to access, but the other 2 are nearly impossible unless dismantle the Galley-Freezer/Saloon seating completely.

Therefore I’m searching for the best way of cleaning without using Chlorine. I tried to get Aquasafe from Microlene which Alan Leslie recommended but I can’t get it in Europe.

Any more experience with cleaning and disinfection? Maybe there are more options?


Thanks and best regards



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No news so far.
But Olivier told me, there are 4 (not 3) compartments, means 4 accesses.
Good to know and not motivating :-).

Best regards
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