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Matt Salatino

Also, you can flush with Sodium Metabisulfite, used for pickling watermakers. It must be flushed out of the system in the spring, and used with an RV antifreeze if you are in a freezing climate.....


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Dear Amel Group, hi Stefan


After having a wonderful season we are now cleaning and make WASABI ready for the winter. 

I have followed the tread about cleaning the water tank compartments last summer and I’m curious if you where successful opening all the 4 compartment access. 

Olivier is right there are 4 access points on the AMEL-54. From aft to bow: 1. Under the Galley door opening Fridge 2. Under the Galley floor 3. Under the Galley top load Freezer 4. Under the Salon Seat (2nd Freezer).

The 2 in the aft (Fridge and Galley floor) are easy to access, but the other 2 are nearly impossible unless dismantle the Galley-Freezer/Saloon seating completely.

Therefore I’m searching for the best way of cleaning without using Chlorine. I tried to get Aquasafe from Microlene which Alan Leslie recommended but I can’t get it in Europe.

Any more experience with cleaning and disinfection? Maybe there are more options?


Thanks and best regards



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No news so far.
But Olivier told me, there are 4 (not 3) compartments, means 4 accesses.
Good to know and not motivating :-).

Best regards
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