Re: Victron Quattro charger/inverter installation

Scott SV Tengah

Apologies for the late response - we were doing the Chesapeake-Caribbean passage. Now here in Marigot Bay with two other 54s! It was getting a bit too cold on the US East Coast!


I can explain what was done conceptually but 220v frightens me, so I had the electrician do the actual wiring.


The Amel transfer switch is bypassed completely. The wires from the shore power plug go into AC2 while the wires from the genset go to AC1. Victron specifically states that you should have your genset have priority if both power sources exist. I’m not really sure why, but given that I see no harm in their way of doing it and moreover, I will be playing with the Quattro’s programmable relays, I abided by their recommendation. 

From Quattro Manual: "In a Quattro the AC1 input has always priority over the AC2 input. A common practice is that a generator is connected to AC1 and shore power to AC2. As long as 

the generator is running the Quattro’s will use the generator. "


On the output side, there are two  AC-Out outputs which go to the main panel switches. Sorry I am not sure how this is physically wired, just speaking conceptually here.These outputs are fed from either mains/genset power OR uninterrupted power (aka mains/genset/inverter). I have all but one item fed by AC-OUT-1, which is uninterrupted - runs on either shore/genset or inverter. Yes, the water heater, scuba compressor, aircon, washer/dryer, etc. are run from the inverter. 


There’s AC-OUT-2 output, which is ONLY fed from shorepower/genset power and the only thing I have connected to that is my Skylla 80amp charger. This output is on, I believe, a 2 minute delay from when shore/genset power is detected.


I hope this helps somewhat.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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