Re: Marina ZZ bilge pump maintenance kit

Sv Garulfo

Dear Amelians

Just wanted to confirm my understanding after reading this thread
- the TF Marine pump is identical to the amfa reya marina zz?
- the maintenance kit provided by amel is a TF marine or marine ZZ? (Or are they the same?)
- @jose, did you use the TF Marine kit on an Amfa marina zz or TF Marine pump?

Thanks for your clarifications

Garulfo A54-122
Tahuata, Marquesas, French Polynesia 

On 16 Sep 2019, at 12:30, Jose Alegria <Josealegr@...> wrote:

Dear fellows

If anyone needs a new pump or a maintenance kit, contact:


Francesca give me 6-8 weeks for a new pump:

Diaphragm pump TM 50 24V DC 0,12Kw

With body pump in PVC - 460 €

Francesca give too 10 days :

Spare parts kit for TM 50 complete of:

2 membranes

2 valves

1 o-ring - 40 €

Kindest regards


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