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I haven't considered that. I assume that you are referring to the racks...the steering cable is sealed.

I assume that the "leaking grease" is coming from the rack housing at one end or the other. If I recall these ends are not perfectly sealed. And as the toothed rack moves back and forth, it could push excess grease toward the ends of the rack housing.

Keep in mind that it is the steel toothed racks inside each rack housing that will fail with excess wear and that excess wear will be very close to the center of each rack. I believe this is wear caused by the autopilot "back and forth motion." It may also be caused by securing the helm in a center position while anchored.

Amel SAV said that they are going to be sourcing these steel toothed racks and have them available, even though the original manufacturer, Ultraflex, has stopped producing them. See the worn rack below:

One rack has teeth pointed upward, the other rack teeth are pointed downward. Tooth orientation, along with primarily 
center wear, should be considered when adding grease/fitting.
Translation:Corrugated Washer ---- Teflon half-rings


Possibly, the cover shown below can be drilled to inject grease. If so, this would be a fairly easy modification that could possibly add years of service to the racks. 
I am worried that the metal is to thin to take a thread tap. If that is true, possibly it could be drilled, grease injected and a rubber plug inserted. I know there are a few owners who can answer this question. We may need a volunteer to study this further.

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Bill, For some years now I have had a minor leak of grease from the rack&pinion . What do you think about adding a nipple to put a little grease back into the unit .
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The cables are sealed.

The racks and pinion have to be disassembled to add grease. 


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How and where do I Grease the Steering Cables?
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