Prop Shaft Squeak

James Lochhead


The attached photo is of the stuffing box and where the shaft on my maramu exits the boat.  Is the circled part another bearing that is glassed into the hull?

We have a "sqeak" or hum when the prop shaft is spinning at certain revs (both with engine and when sailing and free spinning) that we have not been able to diagnose.

The problem started following the failure of our engine mounts.  The engine mounts have been replaced and the cutless bearing was replaced at next haul out, however a squeak has remained on our last short cruise before hauling out again.  I have checked the engine alignment, the stuffing was replaced, but the squeak remained.

We will be back on the boat again in the new year and would like to eliminate the cause for this before going back in the water and if this is a bearing then possibly order one now.


Maramu #147 (1984)

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