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Dennis, that created a dead short of the house bank. Something melted because there is enough amperage in the house bank to weld. Look for a burned wire. Also, try to find the shunt for the battery monitor. It may have blown because on your boat it is probably rated at 12 volts 200 amps or less...a dead short would have been more than 200 amps. It will be on the negative side. I am not sure if it will look burned, but you should check for continuity between the two large posts. I am not sure, but I think if the shunt is burned, the monitor will still work because of which side of the shunt it is connected. The shunt will look something like this and will be located close to the batteries:

It will be wired something like this:

Good luck.

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On Sun, Nov 24, 2019 at 1:42 PM Bill Fletcher <bll.fletcher@...> wrote:
You need to get a meter and check the voltage at the main on off switch inside the engine compartment. If there is no voltage there there may be a fuse on the battery terminals that have blown. It is a place to start. 
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Electrical issues are not my strong suit.  I had my house battery alternator off for a rebuild.  I took my Maramu out for a day sail and upon return to the harbor, my house power failed -everything, not even a dome light will come on.  Battery monitor showed 95% charge so the batteries were not spent.  In the engine compartment I discovered that a cable from the alternator had grounded to the mounting bracket which is bolted to the engine mounts.  I hope I have just blown a main fuse somewhere but I don't know where to begin my search.  Any ideas?

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