Re: Prop Shaft Squeak

James Lochhead

-- Thanks Nick.  Your description is perfect.  I will have another go at the alignment.  Due to location and with no assistance around at the time I did it myself with only advice from other cruisers.

It is out of the water currently so I will try your proposal of the temporary bearing while out first when I get back to the boat and then check again once I get back in the water.  Will also get the prop shaft checked.

I have one other question if you could help.  Due to the prop shaft generator the belt pulley sits between the vetus coupling and the transmission.  I have attached some photos from another post that shows the arrangement.  from memory the 4 bolts shown on the photo "vetus coupler" bolt through the coupling and the pulley holding it all in place.
When measuring the the alignment access to the back of the transmission is limited due to the generator pulley.  I am not sure if there is enough length in the shaft to pull it forward without the pulley in place.  Do you have any thoughts on this?

Also it is only at certain revs that the squeak was occurring.  Very low revs and then between 1500-1800.

Maramu #147 (1984)

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