Anchor Wash Pump SM

Thomas Peacock

I always felt the anchor wash on the SM did not do a great job. After a minor collision at the bow, it became even less useful. Finally, the pump developed a major leak, not fixable. 

I have put in a new pump, Jabsco Hot Shot wash-down, 24 volts, 24 liters per minute, US$185. It develops 70 PSI of pressure, with a pressure cut-off switch. It fits in easily where the old pump was. In the forward port-side deck locker, I disconnected the hose leading to the anchor roller, and instead hooked up a garden hose with a spray nozzle.
The new system works very well, very vigorous spray to clean almost anything that the chain or anchor pulls up without having to use a brush. Granted, someone must be at the bow to direct the spray. In addition, the hose can be used to wash down the forward part of the deck. 

Tom Peacock
SM #240 Aletes


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