Re: Anchor Wash Pump SM


Thanks for the information. Very useful. So to date we use a hose with a spray nozzle from the freshwater valve under our cockpit seat. We have a 1985 Mango. The thinking was eventually  to extend our freshwater plumbing in the forward head to the bow locker and put a valve up there so we dont need to drag a 50 foot hose the length of the boat to rinse down the anchor chain or take a fresh water shiwer on the forward deck. We like using freshwater instead of salt as it keeps the smell down when the chain is in the locker and keeps the salt corrosion down when the chain is stored in the locker. Has anyone else done this? Aside from the downside of using your freshwater supply (water maker will offset this), I couldnt bring myself to plumb in a saltwater washdown instead. Since we have a Mango no washdown was installed from Amel. Also it means 1 less pump to worry about...

Thoughts ?

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