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James Alton

Pat and Craig,

   That is very interesting that apparently the SM and SN do not have any kind of top bearing for the main and mizzen furler extrusions,  I learned something too!   My boat does have a bearing of some sort at the top,  I have not gotten in there yet to see what it is. If I drop the gear box and disengage it from the extrusion it just hangs there from the top bearing/pivot. My boat is the Maramu so apparently was built differently.  

   Best of luck Pat with solving your problem.

Maramu #220

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Craig, I assumed that there had to be a bearing at the top of the extrusion and did not realize the swizel served double duty . That is a very helpful piece of info ,and yes I did get the sail down. I guess that is all I need to know ,looks like a gearbox problem.
Thank You,
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Hi Pat,
There is not an upper extrusion bearing up there - it's just the swivel that centers the furling extrusion when the sail is up. With the sail down the extrusion just bangs around freely. Same as the mainsail. Not sure from your post if you got the sail down - sounds like you did - so if it is still binding with the sail down it has to be at the bottom. 
Sounds like you're not in desperate aesthetic need to repaint so the economical choice may be to leave the masts up and work on the bottom in situ.
Fwiw, Craig

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