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Dan Carlson

Thanks Alan,

That's helpful about the LN175 not being continuously rated. I had not seen that. In fact had seen that large body alternators loke the LN175 were better for handling the load.  That said, the WS500 regulator monitors both voltage and current at the battery and has a dip switch which will limit the alternator to 75% current output, it also has a temperature monitor that bolts onto one of the lugs which will also limits output based on alternator temperature.  And finally I will have a switch that I can flip to force the alternator into float mode. 

I will review the previous posts and pictures to see if there is anything that I have missed. 

Thanks and regards, Daniel Carlson on sv BeBe, SM# 387

On Wed, Nov 27, 2019, 12:01 AM Alan Leslie <s.v.elyse@... wrote:
I'm pretty sure that Bill and I put up all the relevant stuff.  I did it with a Next Step reg, but basically the wiring will be similar.
The wire you need is the field connection from the alternator, that's what the reg uses to control alternator output.
One caveat on this whole scenario is that you need to realise that the LN 175A alternator is not continuously rated 
So, with a 3 stage reg, if your batteries are quite discharged, the reg could command full output from the alternator and if your batteries are able to accept 175A, that's what you'll get... For a while until the alternator burns out! 
Solution is to also run the genset and the 100A charger until the charging current gets down to about 100A them turn off the genset.
Best solution is actually to change the alternator to an Idlepro Extreme or. Delstar, both of which can put out around 200A at just above idle.

You don't need to ask how I know this! 

Good luck

Elyse SM 437 

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