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Pat I took the mizzen furler off yesterday It was an easy task I took it to complete disassembly stage. Bill sent me the info on the disassembly leave the sail on undo the bolt holding it to the sail foil lift the foil with the sail halyard up 2 inches undo the 2 bolts on the outside of the mast and slide the unit out then you need to disassemble the unit.
I first removed the allen bolt from inside the crank and then attempted to unscrew the part that holds the Delrin/Teflon bushings clean then reassemble. I took it one step further and unscrewed the bottom part of the furler and cleaned the bearings and reassembled. You will see the gear on mine is damaged from corrosion ( I will source a replacement gear) 

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On Wed, Nov 27, 2019 at 2:40 PM Patrick McAneny via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Danny, I wish we had not already drained our water system, the marina has as well, its starting to get cold here.I think I will take the gearbox apart and take home ,clean & grease. I may pull the masts to put the boat in a shed for repairs and to be repainted this winter . I am not really sure I want to be " gob smacked " ,sounds painful , but being married I am use to abuse, and if the mizzen furls easier that it might be worth it .
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Hi Pat,
Almost certain to be salt build up. The carribean salt is brutal. Rinse all moving parts with floods of fresh water. Over the top of the gearbox,up the input shaft, the swivel or spinner as I call it at the top of the sail. (Lower it first). all blocks, cars, turning blocks. Allow to dry and liberally apply silicone spray. You will be gob smacked at the result. To unfurl my mizzen since I did this I just pull the out haul by hand and brrrrrrt out it goes. I know its too simple and I expect some cynicism, but give it a try. 
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When we unfurled the mizzen sail to store it for the winter the sail came out but then became difficult to turn. The furler will only turn about a quarter of the way either direction. Its not the swivel where the sail's head attaches . I have never had an issue with the furler until now. I suppose it could be the furler's gear box , but my question is. Is there a bearing at the top of the mast that may be causing the binding ? I need to decide to pull or not ,both of the masts by next Monday and put the boat in a shed to repaint ,or leave the mast up and have it painted outside. I was leaning towards leaving the masts up until this problem,if its a bearing at the top of the mast it would be easier to deal with on the ground.
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