Re: Bowthruster works only one way

ngtnewington Newington

Hi Paul,

For starters:

I would check the connections at the lever by the helm to make sure they are good. It could be a poor contact there.

Then with one person at the helm control and another in the forward locker check the switches. You can should hear a click when thrusting and figure out which one is which.

I had an intermittent fault with the up down control. Turned out to be one of the four relay switches. Sometimes it was good sometimes not. Replaced it, and no problems since.


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On 28 Nov 2019, at 18:24, Ian <> wrote:

Not the bow thruster but I did have failure in one direction only of the furling motors while in the Caribbean. Both times it was the contacts on the switches which needed cleaning up. Worth a check.

Best wishes


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