Re: Loose screws in portlight stainless trem


Mark - I have laughed for two hours over "The Devil's Glue" - excellent.  I've never fought 5200 but I have read enough sad stories.  
I agree that 4200 is strong enough as I have used it in a few difficult spots, such as holding a sink up to the underside of a countertop, and it is amazing.

I am in the process of rebedding the 14 year old windshields on my boat.  The manufacturer suggested I use SIKAFLEX 290DC which was their OEM spec.  The bedding has lasted well, even with a few years in Florida sun, and only weeps when hit with direct splash or driving rain.

Happy holidays to all - we're close to the solstice up here in the north and over the hump towards another boating season.

Vicem 58 "Songbird"
New Haven, CT

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