Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Windlass bolt to deck


Removing the stubborn windlass bolt--
Just spotted these photos of this process and I am posting this  for those who may search for solutions on windlass bolt removal in the future.  Although I spent 4 days using the dam technique-- building a small dam round the bolt and filling it with various penetrating fluids--it did not work for me.  My suspicion was that the corrosion around the bolt head and sealants at the bass of the windlass blocked the penetrating fluid.

Next I gently tapped a thin putty knife between the deck and the windlass until it was stopped by the bolt.  This cleared a channel to the bolt.  I then sprayed penetrating fluid (I used CorrosionX) and was surprised to see that it was taking fluid.  Sure enough, after a couple of hours I was able to back the bold back out.  These photos show both methods-- 


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