Mast painting Amel Super Maramu

Jarek Zemlo

Hello to Everyone

After searching for almost 1,5 years I found my AMEL SM. Last week I became proud owner of AMEL SM 201. I am going through some repair work at the moment and look for advice regarding mast paint. There are several places where paint is showing corrosion underneath. Is it best to strip the mast to bear aluminium or better sand lightly the paint, repair corrosion and paint over the old well prepared paint layer?

Also have doubt if I should replace the mast foot pads. They look very good and no cracks (see picture), but maybe too old and shoud be replaced?

Look also for contact details to AMEL spare parts service in Europe (France preferably).

Still searching for a name, once is done will all let you know.
Thank you all in advance

Best regards

Jarek Zemlo

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