Re: Mast painting Amel Super Maramu

Jean-Pierre Massicotte

Hello, no I did not strip the masts, booms and spreaders to bare aluminum. Just carefully treated the corroded area and then re-paint all. Care full prep is required when painting aluminum, don't skip any step according to the paint system you are using and you will have beautiful masts again.

Careful prep is required for a good looking and lasting finish. There will be always some area prone to electrolysis that will need retouching, make sure to isolate your winchs and all stainless with Teflon washers and used isolating paste when mounting anything to aluminium, that will help for future dismantling and reduce the electrolysis effect and paint damage.

Have fun, hope this help

Jp, Vanille, SN 51

On Tue., Dec. 3, 2019, 08:26 Jarek Zemlo, <zemlo.jarek@...> wrote:
Jean Pierre Hello,
thank you. Did you strip the entire paint to aluminium or just repaired corroded areas and left the good paint on place?
I think of repair corroded spots, thereafter sanding the entire mast and paint on top of the old sanded paint.

Best regards
Jarek Zemlo

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