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Anyone interested in this manual can download it from my Yacht School website here:

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Paul, I recently had an intermittent one way bow thruster issue and it was being caused by the switch under the joystick beginning to fail.  On the SM it is pretty easy to lift the black bow thruster direction panel and have a look at the switch.

A replacement joystick 🕹 switch did the trick.

Ker Marie

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That’s a useful document as it looks like it tells me exactly how to troubleshoot my problem. However, before I got a chance to use it properly the problem disappeared which, fortunate as it may seem, is also unfortunate in that I now don’t know the cause was!




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I am assuming that the bow thruster extends and retracts OK.  We had a similar problem that turned out to be the solenoid pack mounted on the side of the bow thruster motor.  It had corroded and would operate in only on direction.  I have attached the trouble shooting guide from Side Power.  Some have rebuilt the solenoid(s) - I was not able to and replaced the solenoid pack.
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