Re: Companion way for removal

Alan Grayson

Hey mate, I did not remove the slide, I just removed the plywood at the back to allow it to slide up to the dodger. I masked off the wood on either side before raising the slide to work on it.
I removed all the top layer of the plywood then sanded with 80 grit. One coat of high build epoxy primer then a sand with 220 grit. I was not happy with the coverage so I did it again, then 2 coats of awlgrip Nordic white straight off the shelf. It was close enough for the 3 meter rule. If it looks good from 3 meters then your done. I do have a couple of runs so I would like to do another coat but I’m in no rush.
All done with a brush and foam brush.
We are heading to St Anne for a few days of R&R and zero dollar days after 2 very hectic days.
Rigging went well I had it very close they only adjusted the main uppers,the mizzen uppers and the mizzen backstays.
Got everything on my list ticked off.

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I came by this morning to have a look at your companionway, and it looks great.  Could you give some more information on your proceedure?

Did you remove the door, or just raise it to the Dodger?

If the door wasn't removed, were you able to mask off the wood channel the door slides in, or how did you protect the unpained frame?  Or did you just paint to the edge of the frame?

What kind of epoxy filler did you use?  Just one coat?  Was it applied by brush?

Wanderer, SM#477

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