SM- Yanmar Ignition module?

Dan Carlson

Hi SM-Yanmar owners: I changed the fuel filter recently and knocked loose the red (24v) wire that goes from the 24v alternator positive post into the small module that is attached to the engine between the fuel filter and the engine stop solenoid (?).  The white ignition wire to the alternator also comes from this module.  It has five spade connectors and only four are used. It looks like it came off of the rear most spade. Also, if it contacts the open center spade the red alternator warning light on the 24 volt panel comes on.  

Can anyone confirm which spade this red wire should be attached to? And for my learning; it would be great to know a bit more about how this module functions.  I'm guessing or vaguely recalling that it uses some other signal like oil pressure to switch on the the ignition signal to the alternator?

Thanks and regards, 
Daniel and Lori Carlson on sv BeBe, SM#387, at Shelter Bay Marina

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