Re: Martinique- Good store for 12v batteries?


I delivered a catamaran from Le Marin Caraibes Marine to Ft Lauderdale in 2016.  

the boat was OK but needed lots of details, stove, fuel jugs, a battery, hoses, light bulbs, oil and fuel filters. etc.
I loaded up with the fantastic food available in Martinique - French imports at low prices. 
I repaired, jury-rigged, secured the boat as much as I could at the marina, then sailed to St Martin where I purchased everything needed easily, and far cheaper.  It was possibly risky but the weather and conditions were all in my favor.  

I love Martinique.  Le Marin is a fantastique place to see lots of Amels

Vicem 58 "Songbird"
Branford, CT

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