Re: Dripless shaft seal

Matt Salatino

The PSS only sank one boat I’m aware of.
Another, close friend, almost lost his boat, when the PSS bellows hose failed, 600 miles from shore. He was able to wrap stuff around the bellows to slow the leak to something manageable by the bilge pump, but he could not run his motor. He yanked the PSS off as soon as he reached land.
I’ve had success with the Lasdrop Gen II. It uses a conventional shaft log hose, and has an internal cutlass bearing to maintain concentricity of the seals. Their service kit is only two lip seals, that need replacement at 5-7 year intervals. When those go, it’s a slight drip, not torrent of water. Less than $20 for the seals. We’ve had our Lasdrop for 10 years, replaced seals once. I’m installing one on our new Amel 50 which comes with a PSS. I will replace it with the Lasdrop at our first haulout. It will be for sale then......


On Dec 4, 2019, at 2:56 PM, Arlo <svplanb@...> wrote:

Hello all. I plan to have my cutlass bearing replaced soon and want to use the opportunity to install a dripless shaft seal. I have a 1985 Mango. Looking at both the PSS and Tides systems. Anyone have experience either ? My mechanic is saying he recommends the tides as you can have a spare hose carrier installed and not need to pull the shaft when it needs replacing or leaks. I have a recommendation for the PSS from Dave (another Mango owner)....thoughts?

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