Re: Martinique- Good store for 12v batteries?

Duane Siegfri


Thanks for the info.  I was there this afternoon.  We have a charger that is wet cell only, and Caraibe has only two wet cell types available in quantities of 12.  They have a Trojan 31XHS at 130AH (20hour test) for 360 Euros, and the Banner 100 AH at 225 Euros.  The Banner inspires no confidenceand  based on name recognition, they could not give me a model number, only the 100 AH.  I'm not even sure if that's the 20 hour test or the 100 hour test.

The Trojan is available in the US at half the price, but that doesn't really matter, just a reality reference. Maybe they're even cheaper on the moon.

I think we're going to get 8 of the Trojans, they equal 12 of the Banners in AH's at only a small premium, and they have a quality reputation that will make me sleep well at night.

Wanderer, SM#477

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