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Mark Garver


I concur with Bill on the differences being hard to list, and someone will always think you left one out. However, with that said, I will give you our thoughts, as we were making the same decisions a couple of years ago. We looked at several SM2K's, mostly in the Caribbean and absolutely loved the boat, you can't go wrong. The SM2K's we looked at were certainly in line with our budget, but we found an older SM 1993, #105 that was well taken care of, with a brand new diesel engine, all new Raymarine navigation equipment, and other important items. So for us, this was the deciding factor, not budget precisely. But before anyone thinks I am advocating the SM vs. the SM2K, let me tell you the things we wish our SM had... (Many of these are actually from my wife)

1. The location of the fridge, right next to the stove/oven isn't convenient if someone is in the galley cooking. On the SM2K, the Fridge is near the companionway and much easier access.

2. We don't really miss out on having a dishwasher on board, but some might.

3. The heads on S/V It's Good are manual pump as opposed to electric flush, for me, not a big deal, but for guests it's another issue. It was for my wife until she got the hang of the manual procedure, so we are still married.

4. The layout of the switches/controls is not as convenient or sensible on our SM as on the SM2K, for instance, our navigation light switches are in the area between the forward head and the V-Berth, not real convenient to get to. Other panels, are split into separate panels, that aren't quite as logical as on the SM2K.

5. Our Dive Compressor is in the port-side cockpit locker, which while convenient for filling tanks if you scuba dive frequently, it takes up considerable storage space in that locker that might be more convenient for storing items you use more frequently.

6. Location and function of the main saloon A/C. This unit is installed under the forward dining table settees near center of the boat, meaning you lose the optional freezer/fridge that comes on the SM2K. In fact, we are looking to rearrange this, so we have the extra freezer for cruising. If you simply need the one under settee freezer/fridge that comes on the SM, then no biggy. But for extended cruising, and beer storage :) the SM2K offers more.

7. We love our wood floors with lift up panels for storage as opposed to the blue, hinged floors in the SM2K. This isn't really a functional thing, just a taste thing. However, that said, while it hasn't happened to us, I would worry about heavy weather and whether the floor panels can or would bounce up and out of their normal position.

8. On our SM, the main cabin (Aft) does not have the work table, which for us is a plus, we have a nice settee in the cabin, so if we are in port, or at anchor, one of us can sit on the bed, and one on the settee. In fact, so that my wife doesn't have to crawl over me, I sometimes make that settee my bed. :)

9. Location of the clothes washer machine on our SM, is also near the oven/stove, opposite side of the fridge, which again isn't convenient when someone is in the galley cooking. It really isn't a good location regardless.

10. I had to repair/replace a lot of little things due to the age of the boat, nothing major yet... although I think I have a stuck valve on the generator. Small things like the complete tubing for the heads, gaskets and valves on the pumps, replaced the main saloon A/C and the Aft Cabin A/C, anchor wash, rode counter, etc.

11. A couple of things that I can't recall seeing on the SM2K's we looked at are the three Fakir electric heaters; aft cabin, main saloon, and v-berth. These are great when at a marina as they keep the boat nice and toasty, in addition to the more efficient heat from the A/C units. We also have an Espar diesel heater, which we only fired up during the inspection, not sure when we would ever use that.

12. We love our Auto Generator Start (AGS) system, even in port at the marina it has been handy when shore power is knocked out during a tropical storm for keeping things running.

There are a couple of videos that you should look at, two are for the SM2K (Delos and Aquarius) and one also done by Ken from Aquarius of 

Delos Tour (SM2K):

Aquarius Tour (SM2K):

Eleuthra Tour (SM #007):

One last thing, for those of us with the older Super Maramu's, we have yet to find an owners manual :) 

I hope this helps at least some.


S/V It's Good
SM #105


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Please let me know what the difference is between these two models.  I am considering purchasing one or the other.

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