Re: “Default” anchor arrangement on an Amel 54

Arno Luijten

Hi S&T,

Somewhat related to this topic. We have just thrown out the WASI anchor because of the poor fit on the bowroller. It has been replaced by a (second hand) Spade 35kg. Next to the original Delta secondary anchor this fits beautifully. The Spade fits perfect on the bowroller, no additional rollers needed and it is self launching. I also replaced the swivels with the Mantus swivels, very well designed as opposed to the WASI swivel that has the most stupid grub-screws (to lock the main bolts) you can imagine. Removal by hacksaw...
Just had the first anchor experience with the Spade. Immediate holding and 20+ windgusts had no effect. Too early to tell of course but first impressions are excellent.

Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

(I’m not sure why the picture is upside down, seems a forum software glitch)

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