Re: Dripless shaft seal

James Alton


  If the cutlass bearings were made accurately it could matter a little but if the shaft feels tight and is not rattling then I would not worry about it.  In my experience there is sometimes more than 3 thou variation in the new bearings I buy,  not sure why but put two new bearings on the same shaft and one is likely to be tighter than the other.   Interestingly my boat came with a spare cutlass bearing and it was also a fractional size yet the shaft measures 35mm exactly so I am not 100% sure of what bearing is actually in my boat now.   


On Dec 7, 2019, at 11:05 AM, Wade Shikoski via Groups.Io <n2everythg@...> wrote:

Re: cutlass. - I don’t know if the shaft was ever changed. But 1 3/8” = 1.375” and 35mm = 1.37795. 
Shaft is tight and does not wiggle side to side or up and down. I wonder if the less than 3 thousandths of an inch would really matter? I would think that much would wear off the bearing within a hundred hrs of engine time anyway?

thanks for clarifying the exact correct dimensions though. 

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