Re: Dripless shaft seal

James Alton


   I have also seen exhaust hose used for stuffing boxes and so far have not seen a failure.   Perhaps the exhaust hose is being used by yards since they tend to have that hose on hand whereas the proper hose is becoming a bit of a specialty item?  Like yourself I feel that this is a critical hole in the boat so I was glad to spend a few extra dollars to get the much heavier Algonquin hose.  You could perhaps write to Shields and ask about the suitability of using the exhaust hose in this application.  I can tell you that the old hose that I removed on my Maramu was also very heavy wall.

Best of luck,

SV Sueno
Maramu #220
Preveza, Greece

On Dec 7, 2019, at 10:52 AM, Wade Shikoski via Groups.Io <n2everythg@...> wrote:

Thanks James. I Will be sure to change it out. I wondered about that but when I looked up stuffing boxes in the Paxton catalog to confirm the yards recommendation I saw at least one stuffing box that was sold with exhaust hose. Figured that confirmed the yard recommendation was ok. 
I will change it out. Rather go with more insurance than less in that critical ‘hole in the boat’

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