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Additionally, the aft shower drains directly to the engine room so flooding of the aft cabin could occur unless a valve was installed to be able to shut off that ingress point.

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Although the 46’-48’ Maramu did have a door to give privacy to the aft cabin, I have yet to see a Maramu with a watertight door in the aft cabin.  We all know that Amel was extremely resistant to changes and  modifications from standard specification, but sometimes some leniency was shown to legacy clients returning for their second of third new Amel boat, so perhaps there are some out there with a watertight for the aft cabin at the legacy buyers insistence.  Again , I have never seen one at the shipyard nor on the very many Maramus I have resold.


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In the Maramu the space in the engine room is smaller, in favor of a huge locker in the cockpit.

All Maramu have a watertight door that close the aft cabin.


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Il Dom 8 Dic 2019, 08:14 Daniel Alexander Thompson <Thompson.Xander@...> ha scritto:


Might anybody he kind enough to answer my questions below?

Is the Maramu 46 engine compartment larger than the Santorin's ?

Were any Maramus built with a watertight aft cabin door/compartment?

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