Maramu Gearbox identification

James Alton

Hello fellow Amelians,

   I would like to locate spare gearboxes for the main mast and boom curlers on my 1987 Amel Maramu.  Amel has not been able to help me with this since my spars are by Nirvana and were not made by Amel.  I have done some searching and cannot find a match for what I have on my boat.  I will attach some photos below and a description, any help appreciated.


SV Sueno
Maramu #220

Description:  Right angle gear box with 1/2"or 13.9mm input shaft and 1"or 25mm hollow output shaft.  Gear ratio 73:1.  Mounting flange to bottom of boom is 44mm OD with 4 - holes at 35mm centres.  

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