Re: refrigeration compressor

Nick Newington

Hi Jeff,

If you are referring to the freezer under the saloon dining table seat the compressor is in the compartment next to it under the corner seat.

For the chest freezer under the galley worktop the compressor is below it.


Amelia AML 54-019

On 11 Dec 2019, at 13:21, JEFFREY KRAUS <jmkraus@...> wrote:

Good Morning Amelians,
I'm having issues with my refrigeration on my Amel 54. 
There are 2 freezers and the reefer aboard Spirit. The circulator pump which supplies water to all units is activated by the command of the pump interface. Each unit (freezer1,2 or the reefer) can switch on the circulator pump, which must be operating for any unit to function. The pump interface is activated by the Danfoss controller. 
My problem is that it appears that only the freezer 2 switch is working to activate the pump. Turning on either freezer 1 or the reefer will not activate the pump interface and turn on the circulator pump. If I turn on freezer 2, then freezer 1 and the reefer, everything works. However, the indicator lights on the pump interface are off for freezer 1 and the reefer. I need to run freezer 2 for the reefer and freezer 1 to work. Obviously neither freezer 1 or the reefer switch on the pump interface.
Apparently the Danfoss controller is located near the refrigeration compressor. Unfortunately, I don't see the compressor anywhere, and I don't want to start removing things to search for it. 
Does anyone with an Amel 54 know the location of the compressor, and if so, is the assumption that the Danfoss controller is nearby correct?
Best Regards to all.
Jeff Spirit Amel 54 #14 Puerto Real, PR

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