Re: refrigeration compressor

Mark & Debbie Mueller

Hi Jeff,


On our boat the compressor is mounted underneath the refrigerator, underneath the chest refrigerator/freezer, and to the port side of the refrigerator/freezer under the salon seat.  The Danfoss compressor controller is attached to the side of each compressor.


To gain access to the refrigerator compressor remove the “thumbscrew” on the inside of the under sink cabinet, it is toward the top.  I believe the unit will slide forward into the small under floor storage area between the refrigerator and chest.  I do not remember if there are any attachment points at the bottom of the refrigerator.  To access the chest compressor remove the trim panel at the floor at the base of the chest and you will be able to reach in to access the compressor.  To get to the under seat unit remove the salon seat cushion at the port side of the boat then remove the wood cover on the aft port side.


You may be able to check voltage at the pump interface in the engine compartment to determine if you have a relay problem or Danfoss controller problem.  Refer to the attached schematic from Coastal Climate Control for the interconnection of the relays.  Good luck.
Mark Mueller
Brass Ring  A54

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