Re: Maramu Gearbox identification

Craig & Katherine Briggs SN 68 Sangaris Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

I got mine fromĀ US Distributor: Drivetech Automation; 5401 NW 102nd Ave #146; Sunrise, FL33351 954.746.9800.
They were $220 each plus tax & shipping (a few years ago).
You will have to grind off some of the cooling fins on the mainsail furler to fit it inside the mast (at least on my SN). This is what AMEL did, I'm sure and it has no effect on the operation (the fins would only be needed for high speed continuous operation in an industrial application). You will need to reuse the delrin mounts and, as I recall, you need to bore a couple of holes in the cover to match the delrin block. You can add Zerk grease fittings if you wish.
Good luck with it,

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