SM holding tank internal details

Mike Ondra

After years of various issues with the metal parts of the holding tank assembly, it seems we are now facing their complete failure. Pumpout now does not remove contents, indicative potentially of a breach in the pumpout riser tube that should be sucking contents from the bottom of the tank. Disconnection of the supply hose from the pump discharges nearly the entire contents of the holding tank into the boat (less than pleasant), perhaps indicative of a breach in the supply riser tube which should be directing the effluent to near the top of the tank. Seems like a double failure at this point.

So, does anyone have drawings, pictures or even knowledge of the 2 risers inside the tank? I have heard them referred to as bronze, but I suspect copper from what I have seen. Has anyone replaced them in their entirety? We have, over the years replaced the tailpieces that connect to their respective hoses with plastic pipe secured to the tank with epoxy (a solution that worked for the corroded/eroded original bronze/copper tailpieces), but have done nothing that reaches inside the tank.

I have not seen any postings on replacement of interior riser tubes, so if anyone has experience/images please reply.


Mike Ondra

Aletes SM2000 #240

Manual Jabsco head pump

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