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James Alton


  I was wondering if it might be a good idea to ask Tides if the hose you are ordering is meant for use with the traditional stuffing box?  I could be wrong but it appears that the hose in the link given  is used for the dripless shaft seal that they sell as I did not see a mention of it being used in regular stuffing boxes.   I think that a traditional stuffing box that is dry, overtightened or grossly out of alignment can develop a lot more resistance than a shaft seal so a heavier/stronger hose might be desirable.  The Algonquin Shaft Log Hose is 3/8” wall and has 5 layers of reinforcement in it and seems to be pretty bullet proof,  unfortunately I don’t see the exact size listed that you need, 1/8” off.  Since the hose does not have any wire in it perhaps you can squeeze the 1/8” gap but I would ask someone knowledgeable at Buck Algonquin on this before trying it.   

  I would suggest going with the teflon impregnated packing and get a good quality.  The size needed is normally related to the shaft size.  An easy way to check the size packing needed is to back off the packing nut completely,  hold the packing nut square to the shaft and to then insert  drill bits of various sizes until you find the correct one.  With the butt of the correct sized drill bit inserted the packing nut should be in alignment with the shaft.  

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Maramu #220

On Dec 13, 2019, at 12:55 PM, Arlo <svplanb@...> wrote:

I called Tides this morning and they plan to ship the hose to me today for delivery tomorrow. Anyone know what size flax to use with the stock stuffing box ?

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