Re: Cleaning the worst parts of an Amel

Paul Brown

Hello Arno,

I also this year went on the same treasure hunt and found the same items, amazing.

I first had the issue of a regular smelly bilge and Engine room but was trying chemicals, then one day the bilge pump became clogged, then with my trusty 220v high powered large 50 euro wet/dry I sucked it clean along with my small Kartcher, rinsing and sucking several times till it became almost new again.

I will be repeating this every few months at least in future,,, hopefully I’ll find a tool kit by the end of next season..

I will test a portable 18v wet/dry vac, but expect they don’t collect as much water or as powerful, however they may do the job and smaller to store?

If there’s an easier method I would like to know.

Regards, Paul... Fortuna II A55/17

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