Re: Dripless shaft seal


Great minds think alike. Your comment about the tides hose use with a traditional stuffing box and the additional resistance was exactly my concern as well. I called Tides technical support this morning at 2 different times and spoke to 2 different people and they said yes it will work fine. They apparently have these hoses special made for them and that the straight tube hoses are stiffer than the traditional rubber hose. The hose is supposed to be delivered tomorrow so I will check it out then. If I am not comfortable with the hose, then I will call Buck Algonquin and ask their thoughts on using the 2 1/4 hose with some t handle only other really viable option if neither of those pan out is to change my drive shaft over to stainless and go with a metric sized dripless system. Not a bad option but it the traditional box has worked well for 35 years and fewer failure points.... Danny suggested I call Monster hose in Miami, I have used them before, but they didnt have any 4 or 5 ply hose in stock of the 2 and 1/8 size. I am suprised that I am the first one that has had trouble in the US with this....surely.other mango, maramu, or sanitorian owners have replaced their shaft tube hose.... will post tomorrow if the hose comes in and include some pics

Great tip on the drill bits and yes I agree with the stuffing recommendation!


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