Re: Cleaning the worst parts of an Amel

Paul Stascavage

Always such useful information on this forum.  Thank you to all.

We also find that wiping plates, pans, etc. with paper towels is a great prevention technique.  Additionally, we use vinegar in between major cleanings to keep the bilge fresh and prevent odors.  About once a week or so, we will pour about 1/8th gallon of vinegar down each head sink, and about 1/4 gallon down the galley sink.  We do this in the evening with the bilge no more than 1/3 full of water.  We let it sit overnight.  This procedure works wonders for us in extending the duration between major cleanings and we believe it should also help keeping the waste lines clean.  We will also use this procedure before a sail in an effort to have the mixture slosh around down there and be even more effective.

We use a similar procedure for the sea water basket/reservoir.  After I clean the strainer/reservoir, we will flush fresh water through the system by flushing the two heads while adding fresh water from a hose.  I will then add a gallon of vinegar to the reservoir, cap, and let sit for at least a few hours before re-opening the sea cock.  I find this procedure eliminates those stains on the strainer/resevoir that are not removed with ordinary cleaning.  I believe it must be helping to keep the associated plumbing cleaner as well.

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