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I got them from Amel, however I would buy any switch you want that you can wire for discontinuous use. Amel sends you that type of switch, but you need to solder the wires onto it yourself after determining which terminals to use to have the switch preform as a discontinuous circuit. Remember, when the motor reaches the switch, the switch turns OFF the lift motor, rather then turning something on, hence discontinuous service.
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Hi Jeff;


Can you please let me know where you purchase these switches?


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Good Day Amelians,
Just a note for any 54 owners regarding the thruster up/down motion.
Being aboard, I like to run tests on all systems.
In both my last and current stays aboard, I encountered the same problem.
Both the down and up position switches are discontinuous switches. When they are engaged they turn off the motion of the motor.
Seeing as the motor is engaged for a long period of time, it has a tendency to stick, or remain engaged. Once the motor reaches the down position, it stops. When I switch the motor to move back up, it doesn't move. After pressing the up position switch a couple times, it seems to free the switch from it's engaged position, and the motor will move to the up position and stop. A couple of up down movements, and it works flawlessly.
I will now leave the thruster about 1/4" lower then full up position so the switch isn't engaged while not aboard. The thruster opening down below the waterline should still be engaged enough with the hull to avoid any problems.
I wonder if any other 54 owners have encountered this problem. I keep those switches handy, as they are problematic. Keeping the thruster slightly lowered may solve the issue or at least prolong the switch life.
Best Regards to all.
Jeff Spirit Amel 54 #14 Puerto Real, PR



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