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Eric Freedman


You are absolutely correct. Each drive has a clutch.

Therefore, I would check the wiring as the fault is on both drives. Possibly the rotary switch that connects one drive or the other. The Course computer is definitely a suspect. One time my S3G started to seek and not head in the direction that the control head was set for. I spent over a hour with Raymarine on the phone trying to calibrate the computer.. They said I was doing something wrong.  I said I will just swap out the course computer with my spare.

They said I would have to recalibrate it. It did lock on immediately without calibration.


I sent it to the chief poobah at Raymarine and he found a cold solder joint on the circuit board.

Problem solved.

Fair Winds


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't each drive have a clutch?  Our boat has two drive units, a linear and a rotary.  We have the same error for both drives so I doubt that both clutches / drives failed simultaneously.

The clutch works when the "Auto" button is engaged since you cannot turn the wheel.  I connected the "Power" wires directly with the "Motor" wires outside of the Course Computer and the motor ran.  So both the clutch and motor is operable.  The problem is when "Auto" is engaged, no voltage is being sent to the "Motor" wires.  Dan Gerhardt replied to me already and I'm sending him the Course Computer tomorrow.  I'll let y'all know what happens.

Again, thanks for all the thoughtful replies!

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