Re: Dripless shaft seal

James Alton


I am glad to hear that you have found a solution that you are happy with. Best of luck with the new SS shaft and the Lasdrop gen11 seal, it sounds like an interesting design. Maybe if you think about it, let us know how this worked out for you in the future. For now I will stay with the original bronze box and teflon packing since the maintenance in my case has been very minimal and I think the system is well proven and safe. I am curious if the reduction on friction in going from a traditional stuffing box to a seal could have any noticeable effect on fuel consumption, that might be a plus in going with a seal type unit over traditional packing. I also wonder which is better for stainless shaft, the seal or the packing in regards to crevice corrosion. I have seen more than a few SS shafts that had pitting which may have been related to the Graphite packing that was used in those cases. So far the boxes packed with the Teflon only (sometimes the Graphite is added to the Teflon) that I have maintained have not shown any pitting.


SV Sueno
Maramu #220

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