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Thomas Peacock

Hi Duane,

Lots of good suggestions on trouble-shooting your bad AH. We had major problems with the non-mechanical part of the system, and decided to replace, keeping the Raymarine AH drives by the rudder and in front of the wheel. 

The Raymarine ACU-400 was a very simple plug and play solution. The computer fit in nicely above the galley sink near the AH that drives the wheel. A new fluxgate (actually, part compass, part inertial guidance) unit fits in well behind the dining settee, similar to the old unit. The cockpit display/control is a standard size display similar to the depth/wind gauges. Your call as to where to put it. 
I made the mistake of not replacing the old rudder sensor, as it appeared identical to the new one. However, there were some control issues with it that then disappeared when I replaced it with the new rudder sensor. 
The ACU-400 does allow for 12V clutch operation.
You will have to run proprietary Raymarine networking in order to connect the fluxgate, computer, and display; the Raymarine network easily interfaces with NMEA-2000.

I see you are in Martinique. My boat is in the marina in Le Marin, I am returning January 11 if you are still around.

Tom Peacock
SM #240 Aletes

On Dec 18, 2019, at 8:49 PM, Duane Siegfri via Groups.Io <carlylelk@...> wrote:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't each drive have a clutch?  Our boat has two drive units, a linear and a rotary.  We have the same error for both drives so I doubt that both clutches / drives failed simultaneously.

The clutch works when the "Auto" button is engaged since you cannot turn the wheel.  I connected the "Power" wires directly with the "Motor" wires outside of the Course Computer and the motor ran.  So both the clutch and motor is operable.  The problem is when "Auto" is engaged, no voltage is being sent to the "Motor" wires.  Dan Gerhardt replied to me already and I'm sending him the Course Computer tomorrow.  I'll let y'all know what happens.

Again, thanks for all the thoughtful replies!

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