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IMTR distributes Nauta Flexible tanks which are used on a permanent basis. Depending on what kind of baffles you have inside your tank, this might be an option. They are neoprene/nitile with bronze fittings.

Brittany de la Mer

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Mauro / Matt, (Thursday evening)

First of all thank you Mauro for your detailed reply. Even before reading your reply this evening, I've been pondering various solutions to my fuel tank cunundrum. From drawings I inherited from the previous owner, it was my belief (erroneous it now seems) that I would have ample access to the fuel tank on the starboard side (differing from the one to port), that I would acheive by cutting the floor in the fore sbrd. locker. My latest assessment after reading your email, leads me to believe that in effect I will have to cut out the flooring in both fore and aft lockers and the bulkhead between both.

I have been trying to calculate if I end up cutting out just the top of the stainless steel tank, what size tank I can encase inside the old shell (it should be a significant %). Of course the other extreme is to condemn this tank (100lts.), which by the way is the smaller one and use exclusively the port tank (following that sage philosophy "if it ain't broke don't fix it") until such time that a similar problem ensues in this tank also. Should one need extra fuel during the interim one can always carry a few additional jerry cans (which @ 20lts. each ;1=20%, 2=40%, etc. of the condemned tank).

In any event I will continue to study alternative options and assess cost (time & money) versus benefits to each of these with respect to my cunundrum. I would appreciate taking a look at the photographs Mauro, as this will give me a better feel as to what magnitud of difficulty of a task I could be undertaking

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Kayola, Euros #247

Friday evening

Mauro, I wrote the above portion of this email last night. I've now seen the pictures you've sent and I believe I aught go back to my original assumption that I can access and remove the starboard fuel tank without out having to cut into either the aft srbd. locker or the separating bulkhead. From the drawings I have in my possession it appears that the port tank which is of 150lts. capacity would need carrying out the procedure as you mentioned (which seems quite apparent in the photos), however not on the smaller starboard side tank. Tomorrow I will go down to the yard and verify or stand corrected.

I saw your pictures of the delamination on the hull of your Euros.Let me preface my comments by stating that I have no more then casual knowledge on the subject that comes from what one reads and/or learns through conversations with others. Your appreciation is that the hull suffered no structural damage by collision. Was the delamination limited to just that one section? Is the flaking/creacked gelcoat on the hull the original? I am perplexed by the fact that delamination would take place after 30 years and not earlier if due solely to resin mix (why only at that one point?)Did you seek the opinion of a local marine surveyor or anyone who repairs fiber at the yard where you carried out the work? Any thoughts as to some exogenous agent that could have acted from the exterior? What type of water was the boat docked in? In any event i assume you've now overcome the problem and repaired the damage.

Cordiales saludos/ regards,
Kayola, Euros #247

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